Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You are the bird and the rabbit too.

This is a work that I'm submitting for a Drawing Show curated by my friend Dan Smith at the Gaffa Gallery, opening is on the 8th of September. Pencil on paper. "You are the bird and the rabbit too" deals with tension dynamics, internal conflict and fear. When the persona splits into two and begins a battle, these drawings deal with the myth of the hero seeking out his greatest enemy and finding himself.

Dan's work is dainty and whimsical, water colors and pencil drawings, one of my favourite Sydney Artists.
Check out his work at

Since my experience with a very immature life model and her rather disconcertingly jealous boyfriend I haven't picked up the camera, drawing has been a natural language to return to, I will spend some time here whilst roles of film accumulate around me.